A Clients testimony facing an unplanned pregnancy

This client had lost two babies during her pregnancy through physical abuse and was finding it difficult to decide what to do as she was pregnant again but her partner was no longer on the scene.

Why did you visit Choices?

My indecision, my low opinion of myself and how I would be a terrible mother/panic attacks and losing my temper.

Were you anxious about coming in?

I dreaded it and was full of panic, I thought they’ll judge me or I’m going to say something and I’ll get annoyed. Every scenario running through my head was negative.

What did you expect us to be like?

More judgemental and harder, telling me off because everything I was doing in my life was wrong.

What was it actually like?

It was a relief leaving knowing that my anxiety was normal, you welcomed me and didn’t delve, you just let me speak. I was being listened to.

What has it done for you?

I knew what I needed to do, my path was there but it was so full of rubbish. It cleared and simplified everything that I was analysing too much. It gave me a breath of air instead of an air of panic. My life was a constant hyperventilation. It gave me a full stop to my sentences.